LIVE 2018

JAN 31 Juttutupa, Helsinki
Mika Kallio Special Edition Tribute
w. Mikko Innanen, Pauli Lyytinen,
Alexi Tuomarila, Ville Herrala

FEB 6 Bar Favela, Helsinki
Mikko Innanen, Ville Rauhala, Tom Nekljudow

FEB 7 Brötz, Gothenburg
Mikko Innanen & Simo Laihonen

FEB 9 Sångbolaget, Stockholm
Mikko Innanen & Simo Laihonen
+ Per-Åke Holmlander

MAR 6 Bar Favela, Helsinki
Mikko Innanen, Aleksander Korotkov,
Teemu Mustonen

MAR 7 Sellosali, Espoo
Mopo with Raoul Björkenheim & Mikko Innanen

APR 3 Bar Favela, Helsinki
Mikko Innanen, Kirke Karja,
Karl-Juhan Laanesaar

APR 4 Koivupää Soi, Vantaa
Mikko Innanen, Kirke Karja,
Karl-Juhan Laanesaar

APR 10 Hietsu is Happening!, Helsinki

APR 13 Loviisa
Delbecq 3 & PLOP

APR 15 Koko Jazz Club, Helsinki
Delbecq 3 & PLOP

APR 20 Musiikkitalo, Helsinki
Ville Luukkonen

APR 28 Haltia, Espoo, April Jazz
Mikko Innasen Maakuntalaulu-uudistus 2017

MAY 2 Juttutupa, Helsinki

MAY 4 Loviisa

MAY 19 Suisto, Hämeenlinna
Mikko Innanen, Uffe Krokfors, Teppo Mäkynen

JUN 2 Chinon en Jazz (FR)

JUN 3 Chinon en Jazz (FR)



"The lifeblood of any art form is just that: fresh blood. Finnish saxophonist Mikko Innanen is one of the most compelling new voices on the European improvised music scene with over 40 recordings divided between leader and sideman." --- DownBeat Magazine ---


"Excellent 12 piece Finnish unit, led by saxophonist Innanen, recorded at the 2015 Moers Festival. The sound they get is different than many large European ensembles. On my fave track "Song For A New Decade" the frontline reeds maintain the sort of loft-and-burrow dynamism of Ornette's late 1960s sound, and the backline creates ferocious walls of dynamic clobber. The four pieces here all have different vibes, ranging from avantgarde Mancini-isms to moments that flow as bluesily as late 70s Art Ensemble Of Chicago. A great spin." --- The Wire ---